Application for GCHS Century Home and Century Landmark Designation


Century Home / Century Landmark Designation


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For a fee of $100 the owner will receive a finished 12” by 18” metal plaque bearing the seal of the Gasconade County Historical Society and the name of the original owner and the date built.

In your application, please include at least two (2) forms of verification, which can include photo copies of the Deed of Trust, plat book entry, wills, letters, newspaper articles, legal description, as well as any other substantiated photographic documentation. Also, please include photographs of the front, rear and side elevations of the home or structure.

Legal description of home or structure _______________________________________

Location _______________________________________________________________

Date recorded (if known) __________________________________________________

Earliest Deed of Trust ____________________________________________________

Please submit any relevant information, documentation and a brief description in paragraph form, which will be published in our Gasconade County Historical Society Century Home and Landmark Survey.

To receive your Century Home or Landmark plaque, please provide the following information and send it to Sandy Nolan, 3194 Highway P, Old Woollam, MO 65066. For more information or assistance, call 573-437-6256.

Present Owner _________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

Phone _________________________________ Date __________________________

Fee enclosed ________________________________

Please make checks payable to: Gasconade County Historical Society