Gifting to The GCHS


As a friend of the Gasconade County Historical Society, I would like to make the following tax deductible contribution: (Please mail to GCHS, Box 131, Hermann, MO 65041). A formal acknowledgement of the contribution amount and date given will be sent to the address you specify.

o $1,000
o $500
o $250
o $100
o $_______

Please include a statement as to how you want your contribution to benefit and support The GCHS Foundation, by referencing one or more of the following examples:

o General annual operating expenses
o The Museum
o The Archives and Records Center
o The GCHS Foundation ($500 minimum preferred) (click here to see Foundation By Laws)
o Other purpose as follows _____________________________

Ways to Give:

o CASH Donations.
o I (we) would like to contribute $________monthly as a member of the Monthly Donors Club. Direct deposit to our bank account is available – email (Click Here) or call 573-486-4028 for instructions.
o SECURITIES – You may eliminate capital gains tax while receiving an income tax deduction for the fair market value of the gift. This could apply to a REAL ESTATE gift as well.
o MATCHING GIFTS – Many companies will match your contribution to the GCHS. Submit your matching gift form with your contribution to increase your support to the Society.
o PLANNED GIVING – You may donate through provisions in a Will, Trust, Gift Annuity, Life Insurance policy or other available charitable and estate planning tools.

If you would like us to send you information on any of the following alternative methods of gifting to GCHS simply make your request by

email (Click Here) or call us at 573-486-4028:

o How to make a gift of Securities
o How to make a gift of Real Estate (may include retained life interest).
o How I can include the Society as a beneficiary in my planned giving by:
       o Charitable bequest provision in will or trust
       o Charitable Gift Annuity – can pay lifetime income to donor
       o Beneficiary of life insurance policy
       o Charitable remainder trust – provides a remainder amount to GCHS
       o Gift of retirement assets
       o Charitable Lead Trust – benefits GCHS now and donor later
       o Transfer or pay on death title provision
       o Donor advised Fund

Planned giving can provide significant estate, inheritance, gift and even possible immediate income tax saving opportunities and should be made with advice of a tax advisor.

We hope you will let us know when you have named the Gasconade County Historical Society in your planned giving.

All contributors will be appropriately recognized and include any donor wishes.

The Gasconade County Historical Society is an IRS 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization. All contributions qualify as tax deductible charitable contributions.